To Decide (Flash Fiction)

He mowed with a great fury. Each green strip brought to its knees was another twenty feet closer to victory. The heat was intense, but the reward would be oh so sweet.

He barged through the door with his sneakers stained green and strode to his mother with the utmost confidence. She popped the metal clasp of her clutch purse and laid three crisp bills into his sweaty palm.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” she said with a reserved smile.

He bolted through the garage door, nearly falling over the very bike he meant to liberate on. The warm summer air blew through his matted hair as he pedaled and pedaled and pedaled. Curbs were jumped, dogs were dodged, cars were forced into honking. He would not be denied.

He threw his metal steed to the ground with violent disrespect and headed straight for the candy aisle. An ice-cold Coke and a bag of Skittles were presented to a rather unhappy gentleman working the register, where the total amounted to $3.24.

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