Unusual Observance (Flash Fiction)

I had lunch at that sandwich shop down on 21st. The weather was pleasant, so I ate outside. As I did, I watched a homeless man sitting at a bus stop across the street. He seemed mesmerized by the trashcan bulging with fast food waste. He looked young, not like the other homeless that frequented the area.

I could see in his eyes that he was hungry. He longed for the scraps of food left in those white paper bags. But just as he seemed on the verge of reaching for one a passerby would startle him from his gaze and reset him. The crowd was unusually observant, and everyone seemed to notice him over the others. I never saw the looks they gave him. I only saw the resulting look on his face.

I watched him find a personal low as I ate my sandwich. As he gave in to his hunger I realized I had finally satisfied mine. It was a large sandwich, and nearly a third of it remained. I tossed it into the empty trashcan beside me. I considered giving it to the man, but there were a lot of people, and they were all unusually observant.

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