Abe Dies (Flash Fiction)

“Let’s hear it, Abraham! Last chance!” he screamed, wildly waving the pistol barrel inches from his face. “You gonna tell me what I wanna hear or are you gonna die!?”

Abe looked on in silence. The fiery red hair of his captor whipped in the wind. The gapped tooth smile was full of wicked pleasure. The first whistle blows of warning howled in the cold air. The train rumbled on, ever closer.

“Suit yourself, Abraham! Time to join your friends!” The captor scampered off to join his partner beside the tracks. The rail trembled with unstoppable force. The train screamed like a banshee. Abe’s body shook violently as thousands of tons bore down upon him. He looked to the sky, watching dark splotches of cloud rolling by, and wondered, how did it ever come to this? The only answer that came was the absolute blackness of destruction.

“Cool!” screamed Tommy. Tommy and Bob scoured the ballast for the flattened penny, ignoring the passing train completely. Within moments, Tommy yelled with triumph, holding the copper disk to the sky. He fired his cap gun to get Bob’s attention, who sprinted to him with a smile of sheer delight.

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