It really IS a web…

Over the last two days I’ve been caught in the 7 lane mega-freeway that is known as “Setting up a website and linking everything you do online to it.” As you can see by the current state of this page, I’m currently in lane 3 going 47 MPH in a tan colored van with rust eating at the tire wells. The traffic is zooming by me, fast enough that I cannot see the angry glares from drivers, while I try to keep the poorly aligned tires going straight.

In other words, things are going well!

But in all seriousness, as overwhelming as this whole process has been it has been nice to have helpful guides in book form, and it’s nice to fall back on the fact that this only needs to be done once. When I get through it and make everything super duper perfect then I can get back to being confused by something else.

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