Present to Past to Doubt

Far to the North continues to be "done" (still needs a cover), but I've managed to conjure a new delay for myself. It's a skill, honestly. The most consistent piece of feedback I've gotten from those who have read this story is that it being written in the present tense is off-putting. I don't agree … Continue reading Present to Past to Doubt

The, the, the

I've completed yet another read through on Far to the North. This is my first reading after having it filtered through the eyes of a line editor, and while some errors still persisted, the manuscript is becoming nice and clean. This is a difficult process, trying to make 128k words become error free, and it's … Continue reading The, the, the

Patreon, Social Media, So on

I made a Patreon page the other day because... well, because I'm supposed to? Honestly, I don't know why I made it. I don't write often enough to justify anyone handing me money, and while I'd love to say that's a practice that will soon change, it won't. I do have a plan regarding Flash … Continue reading Patreon, Social Media, So on

Far to the North – A Post Mortem

Though more work remains on putting Far to the North into a finalized state (cover, book blurb, formatting, uploading, etc), the novel itself, from a writing perspective, is done. The manuscript is with a line editor who is destroying typos with ruthless vigor. A few close friends have read the latest revision and provided their … Continue reading Far to the North – A Post Mortem

Clouds and Silver Linings

Given everything that's going on, I feel it's safe to assume we all know what the 'cloud' will be during this little ramble, so I'm opting to skip that portion and jump straight to the silver lining. That being, of course, a newly discovered amount of free time. Free time that has thrown me right … Continue reading Clouds and Silver Linings